Stolarstwo Eugeniusz Gąsiorek
Poznań, Poland

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Stolarstwo Eugeniusz Gąsiorek - Manufacturer of high quality wooden windows and doors
For 56 years on the market!

     Our plant is a family enterprise. Craftsman tradition dates back to 1957, when Marian Gąsiorek founded the plant in Smochowice. The plant’s speciality was production of windows, doors and stairs as well as minor carpentry services for local society. In 1982 the plant was taken over by his son - Eugeniusz Gąsiorek, who continued the plant’s activity profile. Our plant for tens of years of its activity, as a member of Wood Crafts Guild, educated many generations of carpenters.

Many years of practise and development result in the wide experience of the personnel. Due to it, we are able to rise to various requirements in terms of production of single-frame windows and casement windows. Our products can be found for example in housing buildings and palace buildings under the conservator’s supervision. Our recipients are private persons, companies and institutions. Our company products reach Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, France and the Czech Republic.

At present, we mainly produce single-frame windows and external doors. Our customers appreciate high quality of services, pleasant consumer service and realization of even the most difficult projects. Thanks to the perfectly trained personnel we realize the most complicated projects. We were one of the first plants on the market that produced low-threshold slide patios and sliding folding windows as well as modern casement windows, the so-called ‘euro-cases’. Our specialty covers also untypical shop windows, period windows and doors.

Our company offers: wooden single-frame windows, energy-efficient windows, wooden and aluminium windows, casement windows, curved windows, Skandinavian type windows, 68 mm external door, 52 mm door for flats, 40 mm internal door, low-threshold terrace systems, HS patio, PSK patio, wooden windowsills, skirting boards and stairs.

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